The Advantages of Moving to the Cloud Storage Solution

While this has many options for video teams, there are a few things to consider before using cloud storage in your video production.

The following are five benefits and five drawbacks of cloud storage.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Cost

Physical storage can be costly to acquire. Cloud storage is far less expensive per GB than external drives since it does not require any hardware.

  • Accessibility

You can access your files from anywhere with an internet connection if you save them in the cloud.

  • Recovery

You may access your data on the cloud in the case of a hard disk failure or other hardware problems. It serves as a backup option for your physical storage disks.

  • Updating and Syncing

When you work with cloud storage, any changes you make to a file are synchronized and updated across all of the devices you use to access the cloud.

  • Security

Cloud storage companies provide extra levels of protection for their services. Because there are so many individuals who have information in the cloud, these companies go to great efforts to ensure that your data isn’t viewed by anybody who shouldn’t. When it comes to the internet, security is always a top priority, and because most big and small organizations utilize cloud storage services, they make sure that the service they pick provides them with superior protection.

In the year 2020, cloud storage has evolved into one of the most convenient and effective ways to store data on the internet. There are a plethora of storage service providers on the internet, and the market is so large that every major IT business now has its own storage facility, which helps to make a sizable income margin from consumers. Instead of putting data on a local storage device like a hard drive, the user saves it on a distant server that can be accessed through an internet connection. Various cloud storage service companies supply storage services.

Cloud storage, like other technologies and services, has advantages and disadvantages. We’ll go through 10 advantages of using a cloud storage service in this post. You should also be informed of all the drawbacks of technology. Therefore, we’ve listed some of the most major disadvantages of using cloud storage services below. Check out Cloud Academy’s Getting Started Building Cloud Solutions to learn more about these subjects. Starting with the foundations of AWS compute and AWS storage, you’ll deepen your understanding of services in this study path.

Cloud Storage Disadvantages

  • Connection to the Internet

The use of cloud storage necessitates the availability of an internet connection. If your network is sluggish, you may have trouble accessing your storage. You will be unable to view your files if you are unable to connect to the internet.

  • Costs

Uploading and downloading data from the cloud incurs extra charges. If you often access a large number of files, this can soon build up.

  • Hard Disk Drives

Isn’t it true that cloud storage is designed to reduce our need for hard drives? Some commercial cloud storage providers, on the other hand, need actual hard drives.

  • Support

Cloud storage support isn’t great, especially if you’re utilizing a free version of a cloud service. Many providers will direct you to a knowledge base or a list of frequently asked questions.


Your data is no longer stored on your physical storage when you utilize a cloud service. So, who is accountable for ensuring data security? That’s a murky area that has to be clarified.

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